The ByNora shop, bridge between Morocco and France, seeks to raise funds


ByNora, previously MyBigBox, is an online sales platform for local products between France and Morocco. 


In response to the global health crisis, ByNora has developped and expanded its product offer to continue to enhance the wealth of the Mediterranean territory in the fields of  Moroccan gastronomy and cosmetics. The new e-shop guarantees the accessibility of its services and is committed to the sustainability of its action.


Since its creation, Nora Moulali has made it a point of honour to promote the value of the terroirs and territories, by favouring products that are 100% artisanal, 100% local, 100% ethical, not tested on animals and from committed producers and cooperatives.


More than an online sales platform, ByNora is a community of solidarity and commitment. ByNora’s long-term ambition is to create a social economy without borders with a triple objective:

1- To identify and source local products carefully chosen by Nora MOULALI according to their quality, the respect of values and all the requirements of the selected local labels,

2- Bringing the consumer closer to the producer while guaranteeing traceability and transparency,

3- Support social and solidarity actions aimed at the employability of women from rural areas and the education of girls, in particular with the 100% Mamans association and the Zehra programme implemented since 2019.



« As a Franco-Moroccan, I wanted to create a bridge between my country of origin and my host country, with a project would both support and promote local products and crafts created by women between the two countries. […] My responsibility is to share this unique journey between France and Morocco, by going to meet these women entrepreneurs with invaluable skills and behaviours. »




In order to maintain its good results and to perpetuate the e-shop, the company is looking for investors to raise funds from 400K to 500K euros. 


If you are interested in supporting ByNora in its initiative, please contact [email protected]


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