CONECT and ANIMA launch a digital platform for Tunisian entrepreneurs


The Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), in collaboration with ANIMA Investment Network, launched on Thursday 28 November 2022 the first Tunisian digital platform (from the Tunisian dialect “finance me”).


Resulting from a collaborative effort initiated in 2016 as part of DiafrikInvest, Financini is the first platform bringing together financing and support mechanisms for entrepreneurs in Tunisia. Its purpose is to mobilise the business community to promote entrepreneurship and the emergence of a co-investment dynamic.


The platform is a response to access to finance, which represents a significant obstacle to the development of Tunisian companies. The lack of reliable information, as well as the difficulty of accessing it, is an important issue to which intends to respond. Any company project leader will thus have the ability to find adequate financing, through more than 200 funding and financing support mechanisms identified and compiled on the platform.


Financini is in line with the strategy of the DiafrikInvest project, by mobilising Tunisian entrepreneurs and high-talents, both locals and diaspora, in order to promote entrepreneurship and the emergence of a co-investment dynamic on the territory. It tends to become a real database of investment opportunities for the benefit of any company or person wishing to invest in Tunisia. In addition, the platform will bring together a broad range of sectors, but also several profiles of experts and mentors who will be able to provide information and advice on entrepreneurs’ projects.


The Financini launch ceremony was also the opportunity for the CONECT to sign two memoranda of understanding with Tamweeli, a platform that will ensure the follow-up of entrepreneurs’ financing requests until their completion, and with Fusacqui, a portal that aims to be an interface for the transfer of companies.


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